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About Us

IT Services Since 1979


HELPCo, LLC a privately-held, New York based company was founded in 1979 by Rockwell O. Webb. It is a computer consulting and system integration company, dedicated to the proposition that effective results can only come from a full evaluation of client focused challenges, detailed planning and organized implementation.

Headquartered in Hudson Falls, New York, HELPCo has affiliated itself with a carefully chosen group of complimentary companies targeted at providing its clients the technological and business solutions needed to survive and prosper in today’s electronic marketplace.

Accordingly, HELPCo has invested its resources heavily in several of today’s  most critical technologies.  Client/Server, cloud computing and the Internet.

The sweeping trend toward downsizing and the availability of distributive systems that take advantage of the higher performance, lower priced desktop computing technology now available, create significant opportunities for increasing the effectiveness of Client/Server, cloud computing.

Today the Internet is revolutionizing the way the world does business. HELPCo’s business strategy is threefold.

  1. Provide Support Services based on clients’ evolving needs.
  2. Build relationships with Strategic Business Partners that broaden HELPCo’s product offerings and strengthen its support capabilities.
  3. Continually adapt the HELPCo organizational structure to effectively execute complex projects within customers’ critical time, dollar, and performance constraints.

The approach is a simple and effective four(4) step process:

  1. Define information systems architectures.
  2. Evaluate and select appropriate information systems products, services, and vendors.
  3. Integrate disparate system components into an efficient, effective information system, optimized to the client’s operating environment.
  4. Provide required project management and staffing associated with each of these areas.



Why choose us

HELPCo provides a full spectrum of consulting, design, project management, integration, and training services in support of their clients’ most mission critical requirements. Vendor Partnerships enable HELPCo to augment internal resources, as necessary, in order to deliver complete integration and support solutions to even the most demanding client challenges. These services are provided by a highly skilled staff.



HELPCo  has perfected the art of  finding the right network technology solutions for our business clients.

Our entire staff dedicates itself to establishing HELPCo as the client’s best technology partner. This is accomplished by evaluating and understanding the clients’ varied and complex needs and by actively developing and maintaining the highest quality business relationships with strategic associates who can impact the client positively.

Through these relationships HELPCo becomes the client’s partner in providing quality networking solutions.