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HELPCo Consultants Wear Many Hats

When is a consultant the last person you need to discuss long range plans with?

When your system is down, when people are sitting around waiting for service and support and money is flying out the window because nothing is getting done. At those times, your first priority is a HELPCo consultant who can roll his sleeves up, diagnose your problem quickly and get you back into operation with a minimum of delay.

On the other hand… when the work flow is restored then you want HELPCo consultants who can evaluate your system thoroughly, determine its effectiveness, point out areas for improvement and suggest changes that can prevent system crashes and bring you up a notch or two in productivity.


Step One

Evaluation… is step one in this process. Our fourty-two years of experience with computer systems has given us a perspective which makes it possible for us to evaluate almost any system … from single user PC, Local Area network to Wide Area networks.  Once the evaluation is completed, a detailed report will focus on the options which will bring about the improvements desired. We are in a position to suggest the best software and hardware choices for your needs. Your approval of these recommendations will trigger the next step in the process.


Step Two

Implementation…is the second step. The selected software and/or hardware is ordered and installation is completely under our supervision, assuring you that the required products have been received as ordered and are being installed for optimum effectiveness.


Support & Maintenance

Support… is available for all hardware and operating system software we install. Support during the initial installation process is part of the installation. We want to make sure that whatever requirements were defined during the evaluation stage are adhered to scrupulously.

Maintenance… deals primarily with post installation support activities. Networked computer systems do require a certain amount of continuing support. Once the dynamics of the system are determined a program can be developed to fit the requirements. Programs vary from an “as needed” basis to regular scheduled support visits. Remote management via Internet access is also utilized and is designed to detect potential problems early thereby providing additional time for planned solutions.

As the demands placed on computer networks continues to skyrocket and shrinking budgets become a way of life more firms are electing to outsource the management of their networks.

The use of On-Site System Administration Services is a cost effective way to provide consistency of service and depth of knowledge.  Your system will benefit by our more than 42 calendar years of service in the computer industry.


The benefits of HELPCo’s Network Administration Services are:

Changing Technology… You do not need to keep up with the rapidly changing technology. We do it for you. We pay attention to the things you may not understand. Computer knowledge is “layered” and the deeper you delve into it the more complicated things get. Some jobs are better left to the specialists.

Monitoring…Our Administration Services include monitoring your network. All networks need to be monitored because at some point in time something will go wrong. Problems can occur during working hours, at night or weekends. The information obtained from monitoring allows time to plan a solution instead of reacting to the crisis. Monitoring provides the technician with key background information which can be used to expedite a solution.

Even when the system goes down, monitoring reports will make the reconstruction task easier. Proactive planning results in less wear and tear on the equipment, on the nerves and on the checkbook.

Monitoring also provides proof of growth, levels of utilization and resource capacity. This information is essential for planned expansion.

Because we actively administer a large number of networked systems with diverse uses we have proven ourselves. This justifiably sets us apart from others who may claim the distinction of being network systems integrators.  Proven and tested experience with all aspects of local and wide area network integration, design, installation and support it’s all in our name….HELPCo.


Special Projects

Outsourcing…For those special projects, we can either augment your current staff with state-of the art planning, design and implementation or provide these services from start to finish. During personnel transitions we can provide continuity of service.